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A Darker Side to Romance

The Darkangel - Meredith Ann Pierce

I've always had a soft spot for the books from this author. It has been a long time since I read this trilogy but I remember a good deal of the wonder and dread that filled me as I turned the pages.


The story follows the young girl Aerial, who, as a servant, feels responsible for the kidnapping of her, Mistress Euodin, by a vampyre, who steals young, pretty girls to drain their hearts, blood and soul. She seeks revenge but are kidnapped as well, and taken to the vampyres castle to serve as a seamstress for his ghostly wives, since he killed the previous one.

Her life comes to revolve around the wraiths, she spins for, the gargoyles who guard the castle and a duarough, a small, dwarf-like creature from underground named Talb, who turns to stone when hit by sunlight.


Though this is decidedly a fantasy romance, it's by no means comparable to its more modern competitors. While Aerial does fall in love with her captor, there is much more focus on her interactions with the other residents of the castle and her attempt at preventing her kidnapper from becoming a full-fledged vampyre.


The world, Pierce has created, is one of wonder and fables, that begs the question of whether the story takes place near our own planet (is Earth Oceanus?). The legends and stories within the book begs for the world to be explored, further. Unfortunately, not a lot of time is spent on that, as far most of the story takes place in the vampyre's castle.


I would suggest the book for children and young teens, as the sense of wonder that it brings is best experienced by a younger audience. It has a lot of fairytale elements and even a prophecy that speaks to people who love that kind of fantasy but it is also worth reading for the older generations.


I warmly recommend this as a good read and a really enthralling story.