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Exploring Aerie's World

A Gathering of Gargoyles - Meredith Ann Pierce

This continuation of the Darkangel can seem a little confusing, at first, because it's a huge leap from its predecessor, in terms of story.

A Gathering of Gargoyles does the very thing I missed in Darkangel: it explores the world Pierce has set up.

When feeling rejected by her husband, Irrylath, our heroine is visited by his former brides, who bring an important message: Aeriel needs to find the Ions, guardians of the kingdoms, created by the Old One, Ravenna.

In this volume, we see very little of Irrylath and instead follow Aerial as she discovers what has happened since she freed her husband and the gargoyles and how it has affected the world.

I love this book, I really do, but for as much as the world and its inhabitants are described, it still feels a little empty, at times, like the people there don't really matter.

Nevertheless, it's a wonderful story and amazingly engaging. I highly recommend it to fantasy fans as something new to try, as it does have a different feel to it.